Students of the CU Boulder College of Music Eklund Opera Program perform Proving Up at Imig Music Theatre, Boulder, CO

Sunday, April 28, 20242:00pm

1020 18th Street
Boulder, CO 80309 map

American Stories by Women: “Cabildo” by Amy Beach and “Proving Up” by Missy Mazzoli

Experience two unique chamber operas created by powerful American female composers. Amy Beach’s “Cabildo” tells the supernatural story of notorious pirate Pierre Laffite’s escape from a New Orleans prison during the War of 1812. Missy Mazzoli’s “Proving Up,” based on a short story by Karen Russell, is a surreal and haunting commentary on the American dream as experienced by a fictional family of 1860s homesteaders.

Sung in English.

Great repertoire, lavish scenery, amazing voices and outstanding value—these are the hallmarks of the CU Boulder College of Music Eklund Opera Program. Director Leigh Holman and Music Director Nicholas Carthy bring you the best of classical and contemporary opera in these fascinating productions.

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