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January 15January 29, 2021

LA Opera Screens Short Opera Film based on Missy Mazzoli’s Proving Up, Composer makes a surprise acting cameo!

Alone in the woods, a young man is pursued by a horrifying specter and by visions of his deceased sisters. A meditation on the precarious uncertainty of the American Dream and the role that uncontrollable forces play in our lives, The West is a Land of Infinite Beginnings is inspired by a harrowing scene from the opera Proving Up, by composer Missy Mazzoli and librettist Royce Vavrek. 

Available January 15-29.

Wednesday, February 10, 20212:00pm

Missy Mazzoli plays “The Night Ahead and No Real Fate” on Ed Ruscha’s Gagosian Premiere (online)

The fourth episode of Gagosian Premieres celebrates Ed Ruscha’s exhibition at Gagosian New York with musicians Flea, Missy Mazzoli, Vernon Reid, and Eddie Ruscha and new music created in response to the work. Composer and pianist Missy Mazzoli plays “The Night Ahead and No Real Fate”—a composition she wrote for piano four hands and, poignantly, adapted here for a solo performer in light of current social distancing.

Watch here

Thursday, February 11, 20214:00pm

Luna Lab meets LACO (online)

LACO has teamed up with New York City’s Kaufman Music Center (KMC) to present a special digital performance featuring eight world premieres by the 2019/20 Fellows in the KMC’s Luna Composition Lab program, including three works from the Luna Lab Meets LACO participants. The program features compositions by Olivia Bennett, KiMani Bridges, Madeline Clara Cheng, Ebunoluwa Oguntola, Anya Lagman, Sage Shurman, Chloe Villamayor and Emily Webster-Zuber.

Thanks to the generosity of Santa Monica/Westside Legacy Fund for Women and Girls, the program was recorded in Fall 2020 and will be available to the public at no cost.

Wednesday, March 10, 20217:00pm

Solstice Trio performs A Thousand Tongues (online)

fortyfivedownstairs theatre
Melbourne, Australia

Trouble is a lush and gritty program inspired by a palette of shifting drones, acid house, electronics, Dada and silk scarves. Featuring the music of New York-based composers at the boundaries of contemporary classical, jazz and electronic music, the program includes works by Caroline Shaw, Florent Ghys, Missy Mazzoli, Pascal LeBoeuf and Nico Muhly.

Livestream and in-person tickets available.

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Norwegian National Opera performs The Listeners at Norwegian National Opera and Ballet, Oslo, Norway (World Premiere) [POSTPONED]

From FEDORA:”The Listeners is an opera about our desperate desire to belong, our search for community and meaning, and the power of charismatic leaders who exploit these desires.

“A middle-class mother living in a southwestern US suburb notices a ‘hum,’ a high-frequency environmental noise that only a select few people, ‘the Listeners,’ can hear. A community organization quickly forms to solve the mystery of the hum, but when a de facto leader suggests a spiritual significance the meetings become increasingly cult-like, ritualized experiences. It becomes clear that this community of ‘Listeners’ is on a collision course of destruction.

“This opera examines the lengths to which we are willing to go in order to find a sense of place and purpose, and the way in which charismatic leaders can exploit these needs to their own ends. An enduring part of our American identity is a sense of deserved and inevitable success and happiness. When this imagined future collides with the realities and struggles of everyday life, dazzling and predatory leaders offering a ‘quick fix’ can easily prey on the vulnerabilities of the lonely and lost.”

March 19April 12, 2021

LA Opera will stream Opera Philadelphia’s production of Breaking the Waves

Presented digitally through the LA Opera On Now initiative, this compelling adaptation of Lars Von Trierʼs 1996 cinematic masterpiece reaches audiences through an incredibly emotional filmed performance After a near-fatal accident leaves Bessʼs new husband, Jan, paralyzed, he implores her to take lovers (quite the ask). Torn between her husbandʼs wishes and the traditional values of her small community and her church, she determinedly follows her faith to a tragic end.

Winner of the 2017 award for “Best New Opera” by the Music Critics Association of North America, groundbreaking composer Missy Mazzoli’s first large-scale opera is already recognized as one of the most powerful music-theater pieces of our time.

Watch here

Wednesday, March 31, 20215:00pm

Missy Mazzoli in conversation with Meredith Monk (online)

Missy Mazzoli talks with Meredith Monk about her work WEAVE, from 2010, of which Monk writes, “I conceived of WEAVE for Two Voices, Chamber Orchestra and Chorus as a continuous, seamless form in which layers that are at first part of a texture are gradually revealed, take on their own life and then are modified by the next layer that appears. Each passage evolves from the preceding one . . . There is an organic build of momentum in each passage of WEAVE leading naturally to the next, as indicated by the marked tempi. The ebb and flow of the piece depend on the relationship of tempi from one passage to another and the balance between the solo voices, instruments and chorus.”

Thursday, June 3, 202112:00pm

New Century Chamber Orchestra performs Death Valley Junction (online)

The second episode of New Century Chamber Orchestra’s Resonance Series will be released on Thursday, June 3 at 12:00 p.m., featuring award-winning choreographer and Deaf advocate Antoine Hunter, also known as Purple Fire Crow, and his own Urban Jazz Dance Company, who will create a work of choreography inspired by Missy Mazzoli’s Death Valley Junction for string quartet.

Saturday, June 5, 20217:00pm

National Orchestral Institute Philharmonic performs These Worlds In Us at University of Maryland

Long-time NOI+F collaborator and Albany Symphony Music Director David Alan Miller leads the NOI Philharmonic in their first performance since 2019. Featuring Mazzoli’s These Worlds In Us, the program brings together works that create a cycle of drama, separation, sorrow, healing and victory–perfectly encapsulating life during the twin pandemics facing our country.

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Thursday, July 8, 202111:00am

Civic Orchestra of Chicago performs Sinfonia (for Orbiting Spheres) (Online)

Led by Principal Conductor Ken-David Masur, 44 musicians of the Civic Orchestra of Chicago come together to bring their virtual season to a lively conclusion. CSO Mead Composer-in-Residence Missy Mazzoli’s Sinfonia (for Orbiting Spheres) is a bright and energetic piece, evoking the image of a solar system being flung recklessly into space. Schumann’s Fourth Symphony, recognized as a landmark for its thematic transformation, weaves drama and character into the traditional symphonic format until reaching its exuberant finale.This free episode is available to watch beginning on Thursday, July 8, 2021.

Wednesday, July 14, 20215:00pm

Missy Mazzoli & Shelley Washington: Artist to Artist Talk (online)

American Composers Forum, Philadelphia Chapter is pleased to present an online artist talk between Missy Mazzoli and Shelley Washington, two versatile artists who are active as composers, performers, and educators. During this free event, Missy and Shelley will discuss their creative process, reflect on their artistic influences, and share recent work.

The event is co-presented with the Young Women Composers Camp and will be hosted by Erin Busch.


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Friday, December 4, 20207:30pm

Martha Muehleisen performs Dissolve, O My Heart at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

UCCS Gallery of Contemporary Art Downtown

Rhapsodic Musings: Body and Sky is a unique concert presentation of works for violin solo by UCCS Faculty Violinist Martha Muehleisen. Sourcing the imagery of Danielle Rae Miller’s SACRUM, at the UCCS Gallery of Contemporary Art Downtown, Muehleisen performs a diversity of solo compositions by Jessie Montgomery, Missy Mazzoli, Cecilia Damström, with a world premiere by UCCS Composition faculty Jon Forshee. This concert is also inspired by the Female Emerging Artists Residency Series (F.E.A.R.S.), conceived by and hosted at UCCS GOCA Downtown.