The Complexity Orchestra performs You Know Me From Here at Complexity Science Hub, Vienna, Austria

Monday, July 15, 20246:00pm9:00pm

Josefstädter Str. 39, 1080Vienna, Austria

Elsa Schönwiese (*2000 in Vienna) is a physicist and musician currently based in London. Balancing her dual passions, she is pursuing her master’s in physics at the King’s College London while also training as a conductor at the London Conducting Academy. Elsa’s academic journey began with an undergraduate degree at TU Vienna. She undertook several academic residencies, including the ITÜ Istanbul, the CREF (Centro Ricerche Enrico Fermi) in Rome and now an internship at the Complexity Science Hub where she focuses on assessing climate risks in Ecuador.

The Complexity Orchestra, a unique ensemble founded by Elsa Schönwiese, comprises around 30 musicians of varying levels, ages, and musical backgrounds. Elsa is currently rehearsing and leading the project to promote and explore female composers.

In the concert “No Woman No Symphony”, the Complexity Orchestra, conducted by Elsa, is presenting two pieces by female composers: Louise Farrenc’s 3rd Symphony in G minor and Missy Mazzoli’s “You know me from here,” which will be performed for the first time in Austria. Although several female composers have achieved renown and attention, they are still largely neglected in today’s concert life. This performance aims to give a platform to two of these women. Throughout history, symphonies were perceived as male-dominated, while women tended to be relegated to solo pieces or more reserved chamber music. The orchestra celebrates the work of two women who dared to break norms and claim their space.

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