The Junge Deutsche Philharmonie performs These Worlds In Us at Frankfurt LAB, Frankfurt, Germany

Friday, August 30, 20247:30pm


Mental health is not just a buzzword in the music scene achieved, but is a real topic for the future: In a society that always has to cope with change processes, psychological well-being for the individual and society is of enormous importance. MENTAL MIRRORS opens an artistic perspective on the topic: Played are works that emerged from the experience of psychological crises. Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 4 was created at a time when the composer was in a state of deep depression because of his hearing problems. The British pianist Isata Kanneh-Mason will interpret it.

The Holy Presence of Joan d’Arc of the Afro-American Composer Julius Eastman and These Worlds In Us by
Missy Mazzoli both revolve around the theme of isolation.  Eastman provoked as a Black, queer composer, singer and performer even in the avant-garde New York in the 1970s, Mazzoli tells of the trauma soldiers who have no place after returning from the war find in society. The three works by rapper Leila Akinyi are connected
with fresh vibes – loud, direct and fearless.