United Instruments of Lucilin and violist Danielle Hennicot perform Tooth and Nail (viola version) at Drescherhaus, Dommeldange, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Sunday, January 28, 20245:00pm

26a, rue du Château, L-1329
Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

This month Danielle Hennicot, violist of the ensemble, proposes to cross disciplines by inviting the artist Pit Wagner (illustrator, painter, engraver) who, inspired by music, creates drawings, paintings and elements glued and printed in direct.

The varied musical program designed by Danielle Hennicot crosses meditative, dynamic and even humorous worlds. The visually interpreted music will be projected live on the walls of the large hall of the Drescherhaus for a unique acoustic and visual experience.

Pit Wagner is an illustrator, painter, engraver. The relationship between sound and image has fascinated him since the beginning. He draws during rehearsals and concerts of symphony, jazz and rock orchestras where he searches for shapes to visualize music and performers. The experience of the acoustic-visual meeting with Danielle Hennicot during an opening in Laos in 2020 lit the fuse for the development of this evolving concept.

Danielle Hennicot is a violist and founding member of Lucilin. Her passion for contemporary music from all walks of life leads her to tirelessly explore the possibilities of her instrument and the contemporary repertoire, combining electronics (as in Vent Nocturne by Kaaija Saarhiaho) or performance (in the solo written for her by François Sahran) .

United Instruments of Lucilin
Danielle Hennicot, viola
Mad Trix, image and sound
Pit Wagner, brushes, plants, inks and papers

Detailed program :
Anna Thorvaldsdottir: Sola (2019)
Missy Mazzoli: Tooth and Nail (viola version) (2010)
François Sarhan: Inexplicable, dedicated to Danielle Hennicot, world premiere (2022-2023)
Kaija Saariaho. Night Wind (2006)

Admission only: 10€ / reduced 5€ / Kulturpass 1.50€
(payment on the spot)
Reservation recommended at

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