Missy composes score for Chaotic Body 2, in collaboration with choreographer Alexander Whitley

Chaotic Body 2: Liminal Phase is a motion-capture based digital dance film for screen and augmented reality, taking inspiration from chaos theory, the dynamic processes it describes and the associated geometric patterns found in nature. A short work for two dancers, it places emphasis on the human breath to dissolve the boundaries between the form of their bodies and the environment in which they are situated.

This second part of a triptych of films is made in collaboration with digital artists Uncharted Limbo Collective with a specially commissioned score by acclaimed American composer Missy Mazzoli. A development of the Digital Body project, which was born out of the Covid-19 pandemic, Chaotic Body 2: Liminal Phase is part of an ongoing investigation into how dance can exist in a digital form, delving into the seemingly limitless ways in which human movement can be visualised through the use of motion capture and games engine technology.

This project premieres at the VRHAM Festival in Hamburg, June 4-12 2021.

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