Tiny Desk: Koh, Mazzoli

WATCH: NPR Tiny Desk Premiere with Missy Mazzoli and Jennifer Koh

Follow this LINK to watch the NPR Music Tiny Desk Premiere with music my Missy Mazzoli, featuring Mazzoli on keyboard and Jennifer Koh on violin.

“The two artists have been collaborating for 15 years and this ferocious and beautiful set traces that history. It also reveals an essential equation of how classical music works: Mazzoli, the composer, who is currently writing a work for the Metropolitan Opera, conjures up music in her head, and Koh, the performer, breathes life into it.

Hearing this set, in all its rugged delight, feels like we’re eavesdropping on something personal — a fruitful, collaborative friendship between composer and performer that has yielded amazing music.”

–Tom Huizenga, NPR Music

Set List:

  • Mazzoli: Hail, Horrors, Hail
  • Mazzoli: Violin Concerto (Procession): “Procession Ascending”
  • Mazzoli: Dissolve, O my Heart
  • Mazzoli: Kinski Paganini